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Green Karma offers you delicious, fresh, ready-to-eat lunches/dinners/snacks which saves you money, time and keeps you stress-free.

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Choose your order

You can order a once-off individual course or you can order a weekly/monthly plan. Meal plans are great value for money. We know you need flexibility, so we offer many types of Meal Plans.

Choose food items

We offer over 40 popular meal courses from more than 5 cuisines. For once-off orders, place your order through our Menu tab.

For ordering Meal Plans, select the Meal Plan that suits you and send us your choice of meals through the form linked to the Meal Plan. 

Arrange delivery or pick up

We provide delivery and pick up services. No more planning, thinking and worrying about lunches or dinners. That’s one less chore in life!

Some of our popular dishes

Potato Gnocchi 

Handmade potato gnocchi in creamy tomato sauce

Red Kidney Bean Stew

Red kidney bean stew with a salad and rice

Chickpea Buddha Bowl

Chickpea with seasonal veggies and tamarind dressing

Lentil Shepherd's Pie

Oven baked layers of veggies, lentil and beans in tomato sauce topped with potato mash 

Pumpkin soup

Fried Potato dumplings in rich tomato 

Polenta chips

Polenta chips with homemade creamy sriracha sauce

Veggie Butter Masala

Assorted veggies in a creamy aromatic tomato gravy

Kofta Curry

Fried Potato dumplings in rich tomato 

Fire Roasted Eggplant

Fire roasted eggplant with tomato barley


Delivery  only  in  Eltham,  Eltham North,  Montmorency,  Briar Hill. 

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